Winnipeg Harvest has several youth programs and events throughout the year that provide educational opportunities in a variety of subjects, from the root causes of hunger and poverty to the importance of volunteerism and community involvement.


  • Poverty Pledge: Step into someone else’s shoes. Winnipeg Harvest’s Poverty Pledge is a 5 day initiative which encourages individuals and groups to open their minds to the realities of poverty. This social awareness campaign invites participants to immerse themselves in a simulated week that mirrors the challenges that people living through hunger and poverty face each day. Participants are asked to “survive” on a daily budget of $6.50, the same amount an individual living on Employment and Income Assistance (E.I.A.) receives to purchase all of their basic needs. The Poverty Pledge has direct links to the Manitoba Social Studies curriculum from grades 9-12. Click here to download a PDF of the Poverty Pledge curriculum outcomes.
  • Empty Bowls in Schools: A project that consists of 3 components: learning about hunger and poverty in the classroom and in our warehouse, creating bowls, and organizing a community event to raise food or money for Winnipeg Harvest.
  • Group Visits: Winnipeg Harvest transforms into a community classroom, educating students about issues of hunger and poverty. The visit begins with an educational tour of the facility, following a hands-on volunteer activity sorting or re-packaging food donations. If groups are interested in adding an educational component to a visit, this may include participation in our living on less simulation or listening to a living library of individuals with experience of hunger or poverty.
  • Living on Less Simulation: An interactive activity works to break the stereotypes held by society of typical food bank clients and allows students to understand the challenges and decisions working families need to make in order to get by each month.
  • Living Library: We believe that everyone has a story to tell, especially people with lived experience of hunger and poverty. Through this oral story-telling workshop, we hope to put a face to the numbers and encourage dialogue about the stereotypes society holds of a typical food bank client.

Get Involved

  • Organize a Food Drive: Organize a food drive or collect funds to help feed hungry families. For every $1 raised $20 worth of food can be distributed. Check out our top 10 most wanted items here.
  • Kids Who Care: This program engages, recognizes and educates young people who collect food, fundraise and volunteer for Winnipeg Harvest through educational activities, workshops and family events.
  • Family Nights: Winnipeg Harvest hosts family nights three times a month, welcoming grandparents, parents, kids and toddlers to sort or re-packaging food items, bag or package food items.
  • Youth Nights: Winnipeg Harvest hosts regular Youth Nights where students and youth are able to volunteer in our warehouse sorting, bagging or packaging food among other various tasks to fulfill required volunteer service hours.
  • Halloween for Harvest: For many years, children across Winnipeg have brought non-perishable food items to their classrooms or canvassed door-to-door in the neighbourhood on Halloween night in support of hungry families.

By participating in any of the above programming, Winnipeg Harvest can provide the following:

  • Food collection bins or containers
  • Pickup of food that is not able to be dropped off at our location
  • Signage
  • Winnipeg Harvest brochures for you to distribute or post in your area
  • Coin cans for cash donations
  • A team member to speak to your group about Winnipeg Harvest and/or provide an educational lesson about hunger and poverty
  • Sign-off on community service hours

If you have any questions or would like to get involved please contact:

phone: (204) 982-3663 ext. 675
email: yec@winnipegharvest.org