Tap into your creativity and help those needing emergency food at the same time! Empty Bowls in Schools is a simple and effective project initiated by school children, their teachers and families.  Children create various bowls to be displayed in someone else’s home as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world, and here in our community. The concept is easily adapted to seniors, faith groups, service clubs or any other group of caring individuals.

How does it work?

Local school teachers encourage their students to study hunger and poverty in the classroom.  Once the study component is completed, the teachers arrange for the students to design, make and decorate various bowls which are then put on display. The third component of the project has teachers and students organize a community supper at their school, where family and friends are invited to share a meal comprising of soup, bread, and a beverage. During the supper, the guests have the opportunity to select and take home a decorated bowl in exchange for a modest donation to Winnipeg Harvest.

So far more than 20 schools have participated, and we anticipate many more will become involved. The average funds raised at one community supper can range from $500 to $2,000, and while the bowls raise much-needed funds for the hungry, just as importantly they teach students about compassion and community involvement.

How do I get started?

Creating your own Empty Bowls project is easy.  You only need willing hands and a generous heart.  We’ll help you get started.

Contact our Youth Engagement Coordinator by:

phone: (204) 982-3663 ext.675
email: yec@winnipegharvest.org