Unexpected Teamwork


Winnipeg Harvest is a community. Everyone involved with our mission is part of a team that works together to help share food with hungry people. And we are constantly encountering opportunities to grow that sense of community in the world outside our doors.

One of our volunteer drivers, Stan, was out on a delivery call this week, bringing a load of donated and sorted food to a daycare in the Sargent Park neighbourhood. Due to the high amount of roadwork in the area, he had to park the Winnipeg Harvest truck a number of blocks away from the delivery.

This week brought another heat wave to Winnipeg and as Stan walked by the road work crew on his way to check the delivery site, he offered them some bottles of water he keeps in the truck.

Thankful and hydrated, the road work crew from Atkins Underground did something they would never have been expected to do—they took a few minutes to each grab two armfuls of food and followed Stan a few blocks to the donation site as a thank-you for his gesture.

We talk a lot about the importance of the community that supports Winnipeg Harvest and this is a perfect example. Thanks to the crew from Atkins Underground for their act of kindness, it really made our day.