Table of Grace Food Bank

Celebrating its one-year anniversary this month, Table of Grace is currently the only food bank running in Winnipeg’s Waverly West neighbourhood. Running out of Grace Christian Church, Pastor Alan Redmond and his team said they wanted to make sure they could make a real impact on their community.

“In the months before we opened Table of Grace, we volunteered at a number of different food banks in the area,” said Redmond. “We learned so much from seeing what others were doing, it really informed how we approached setting ours up.”

Last November, just 13 people were in line to receive extra food—a number that has blossomed in a year to more than 200 people who regularly use the food bank.

“Two of our biggest mottos here are ‘People first’ and ‘You’re included’,” said Redmond. “I know I speak for my team when I say getting to visit with and know and help these people has been a great joy of doing this.”

Past Team Members of the Month