Let’s Create a Food Secure Manitoba 

The Poverty Pledge is a social justice initiative to help students and individuals understand how poverty affects members of our local communities (throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba). Winnipeg Harvest intends to champion awareness and advocacy through education (this is part of our mandate). The Poverty Pledge has direct links to the Manitoba Social Studies curriculum from grades 9-12. Our goal is to educate community members and break down stereotypes linked to poverty. Poverty Pledge is a firsthand opportunity for individuals to recognize barriers of hunger and poverty. We invite you to come together to create change for people living in poverty.

Winnipeg Harvest has been organizing the Poverty Pledge since 2002, with many variations in order to reflect the realities of poverty in Manitoba in any given year.
Many people living in poverty are unable to feed themselves. After paying for housing, transportation, water and electricity, the money that’s left over—if any—is often not enough to eat a healthy balanced diet. This pledge is designed to simulate the experience of many people who face hunger and poverty on a daily basis.

When you join the Poverty Pledge you will receive a toolkit that includes daily challenges (occurrences), and reflection questions to guide you through the week. Remember, you will need to limit yourself to a spending budget of $6.50 for 5 days. As you work through each challenge, you are encouraged to share your experiences on your social media platforms using #povertypledge. The Poverty Pledge is designed to open your eyes to the realities of living through poverty. If you are finding the challenges difficult, know that you are not alone. Try your best to complete the week and talk to your friends about the difficulties you are experiencing.

A single person living on Employment and Income Assistance (E.I.A.), often referred to as ‘welfare’ only receives $195.00 per month to purchase all of their basic needs. Over thirty days that means a person living on E.I.A. only has a daily budget of $6.50 to spend on these necessities. Basic needs include, but are not limited to, food, clothing, hygiene products and entertainment.

Do you think that $6.50 a day is enough to have all of your basic needs met?

The daily budget of $6.50 is to be used for all of your food, entertainment and personal items. Personal care and hygiene products are to be included as part of the allotment, including toilet paper, soap, all hair care, and shaving products.

$6.50 per day equates to $32.50 for the 5 day Poverty Pledge challenge.

Join the Challenge to Make a Change!
Contact our Youth Engagement Coordinator to sign-up or for more information:

Phone: (204) 982-3663 ext. 675
E-mail: lete@winnipegharvest.org