What should I receive at my food bank appointment?

At Winnipeg Harvest, we share what we have. During the harvest, when produce is plentiful, we are able to provide more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Normally, you should receive a food hamper to last about two days.  Food banks are meant to provide emergency supplies to help you and your family cope and are not intended or able to meet all your weekly food needs.

We use the following formula to create the food bank order for your hampers.  Local food banks will divide and distribute perishable foods, except milk, according to family size.

1 kit per household
What’s in a kit?
1 can fruit or vegetables
1 protein (lentils, beans or canned meat or fish)
1 pasta/rice
1 cooking mix or dry soup or oatmeal

1 litre per household with children under 12 and 1 litre for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. Other households will not receive fresh milk, even in cases of health/medical concerns, as we do not have adequate supplies.

Vegetables and Fruit:
1 pound of each per household

2 pounds per household

1 pound per household

Lettuce or other salad mix:
1 portion per family

Bread and Pastry:
1 bread
1 pastry or bag of buns per household

Fries/Extra Items:
1 item per household, any extras to be divided equally

What about special requests?

You can request the following items and they will be provided if available. Please keep in mind we can only share what has been donated to Winnipeg Harvest.

  • Canned/powdered milk
  • Boost/Ensure
  • Feminine hygiene
  • Depends
  • Birthday cake
  • Pet food: dog & cat food
  • Formula (for babies aged 12 months and younger only)