What should I receive at my food bank appointment?


At Winnipeg Harvest, we share what we have with all our clients. Normally, the food assistance you receive should last in your household for a few days. Food banks provide supplementary food to help families and individuals boost their budgets and are not expected to meet all your weekly food needs.

We use the following guidelines to create our orders for food banks.

– One canned fruit or vegetable
– One protein (canned meat or fish, peanut butter, beans)
– One carbohydrate (pasta, rice, oatmeal)
– One cooking mix or dry soup

– Milk—one litre per child under 12 and one litre for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
– Other dairy items as available (yogurt, cheese etc.)

One or more pounds of:
– fruit
– vegetables
– potatoes
– onions
– lettuce

– One or more loaf(s) of bread
– One or more other baked goods (buns, pastries, etc.)

Extra Items:
When available, special items or snacks may also be offered—including cookies, chips, crackers, meat or other frozen items.