May 3 – Empty Shelves


Empty Shelves 

This week has presented a different kind of busyness than I normally deal with in a week. The staff and volunteers of Winnipeg Harvest and I have been busy after we announced a critical food shortage this week.

As it goes in the world of not-for-profits, we see a huge increase in donations around the time of the holidays, particularly in November and December. This influx allows us to store up a lot of food donations for the early months of a new year that often show a noticeable drop in donations. It is typical that we have a shortage of food as we move into the warmer months.

We are incredibly thankful to everyone who has supported Winnipeg Harvest, and this shortage is not an indication that Manitobans are giving less, but rather an indication that the need for food banks is increasing. Since 2008, there has been a 57.6 per cent increase in food bank use in Manitoba—the highest rate of increase of any province in Canada.

It can be easy to read a statistic and forget that it translates to real people who don’t have enough food to feed themselves or their families. The responsibility we humbly assume is to support individuals and families in need of food.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that True North Sports + Entertainment have reached out to us after hearing the news of our food shortage and want to partner with us during their playoff run.

Starting on Thursday, May 3, you can bring a Tin for the Bin to the WhiteOut festivities taking place in and around Bell MTS Place and support two great Manitoba organizations at the same time. We will also have bins at the Moose game Saturday afternoon and the Jets viewing party Saturday evening. Thank you for your support and GO JETS GO!!