Mar. 12 – From One To Many


From One, To Many

March 8 was International Woman’s Day and I had the privilege of attending the ground-breaking unveiling of the new $10 bill. I was moved hearing the story of Viola Desmond, an icon of civil rights in Canada, who was jailed in 1946 for sitting in the “whites only” section of a movie theatre.

To hear the story of someone so willing to fight for equality at a time when so many were opposed and to then see the unveiling of her portrait on Canada’s new $10 bill was something truly remarkable. By the same stroke, seeing Winnipeg’s own Canadian Museum for Human Rights on that same bill adds another layer to the story Viola is part of. Her story shows that one woman taking a stand and using her voice to speak for the disenfranchised and voiceless can echo through generations.

That same day I met with the press to discuss what Winnipeg Harvest would like to see from the upcoming provincial budget—being released March 12—and how we hope to see it help reduce hunger in Manitoba.  As I stood there in interviews, I realized I was one woman speaking on behalf of many.

For more than 30 years, Manitobans have shown their dedication to Winnipeg Harvest’s mission of feeding hungry people with their donations of food, time and money. March is Nutrition Month in Canada, and it’s a great opportunity to highlight how difficult it can be to eat a nutritionally balanced meal when you rely on a food bank or meal program.

This is why our Top 10 Most-Wanted Items were created with the help of the Dieticians of Canada and Canada’s Food Guide—to ensure that anyone who receives food through Winnipeg Harvest is given every opportunity to eat healthily. If you’re reading this, I challenge you this week to donate a Top 10 item to your grocery store’s bin or to come to Winnipeg Harvest to be part of our team.

– Keren