Make Poverty History Rally


On October 11, Winnipeg Harvest staff and volunteers marched alongside hundreds of Winnipeggers to call upon the city to End Poverty!

Winnipeg Harvest has been a long-time member of Make Poverty History Manitoba’s coalition and has been a representative on the steering committee for many years. Our partnership allows us to work together with the community to advocate for issues associated with systemic barriers related to food insecurity and poverty.

We marched together with community members to inform the city and the province that they need to take action now to end poverty.

As a part of the Make Poverty History Coalition, we at Winnipeg Harvest support the need to have poverty reduction strategies for both our city and our province. We want to encourage decision makers to take action against poverty and consider the voices of people with lived experience.

The community members that we work with and share food with every day have limited budgets and struggle to access basic needs such as food and housing. We encourage politicians to adopt policies that put more money in the hands of people that need it and to make systemic change.

Up to 107,000 Winnipeggers live in poverty. Some 39,000 more across Manitoba are living in poverty. Across the entire province, we know that crime, addictions, poor health and social conditions and more stem from ongoing poverty in our communities. Commitments from mayoral candidates to be champions of poverty reduction are desperately needed in this campaign.

To hear more from our candidates on these topics join us at the Winnipeg Harvest Mayoral Forum On Hunger And Poverty or to learn more about the campaign for a Winnipeg Without Poverty visit