This 4-week program (approx. 25 hrs./week) is designed to teach commercial industry kitchen skills needed for entry-level employment in the food service industry. Participants will build practical food preparation and cooking skills and safe food handling practices. All graduates receive a letter of reference from the class instructor in addition to a certificate of completion.


▪ MS Office Suite Programs (optional)
▪ Salad Preparation
▪ Knife Skills
▪ Baking & Dairy
▪ Cooking Vegetables
▪ Rice, Potatoes & Pasta
▪ Meat Handling & Preparation
▪ Kitchen Cleaning & Maintenance
▪ Banquets & Food Presentation
▪ Employment Workshops

Provincial Certified Courses

▪ Food Handler Training
▪ WHMIS 2015

Programs and contents are subject to change.

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