Jan. 9 – First Impressions


First Impressions

The first days at a new work site can be unnerving; especially if you are the new Executive Director, but
as I reflect on my first week at Winnipeg Harvest I smile when I remember the warm Winnipeg Harvest
welcome I received.

As I walked around the site and was introduced to staff I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm,
which was much appreciated. I met many volunteers and a long-time employee who’s about to
celebrate 18 years at Winnipeg Harvest. I am humbled by the incredible people who work at Winnipeg
Harvest, each with different stories but one similar thread—they are committed to feeding those in

I was interviewed over a few days by several members of the media who asked insightful questions
asking me to describe who I am and to explain what I bring to Winnipeg Harvest. My first priority is to
get to know the inner workings of Winnipeg Harvest and look for opportunities to enhance what we are
currently doing: fighting hunger and feeding hope.

My first days were busy but what made it so much easier were the many people that supported me
through the week. I’d like to give special thanks to board chair Gail Loewen, my assistant, and the
communications team. I hope you will join me weekly as I share my first 100 days at Winnipeg Harvest.
– Keren