Jan. 29 – Inspiration



This week was full of encouragement. I was invited to Toronto to meet with food bank representatives from across Canada.  These men and women spoke proudly about the work they’re doing in their cities to eliminate hunger and poverty but were also humble about the areas where they’re seeking improvement or where other food banks—including Winnipeg Harvest—are succeeding. For instance, thanks to the incredible generosity of Manitobans, Winnipeg Harvest is the only major food bank in Canada that doesn’t purchase food. Meeting these representatives gave me a great view of how Winnipeg Harvest fits into the national goal to end hunger.

Another new experience this week was my first meeting with Winnipeg Harvest’s board. I was again inspired by the smart, engaged and supportive individuals who are committed to helping me make this organization the best it can be.

I attended the SHEday 2018 conference this week held by the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba. The event is an opportunity for women in leadership to inspire and facilitate success for other women. There were so many powerful and personal stories of women finding their voice and making changes in their lives. I met women from all sectors of business in Manitoba who were excited for me and wished me well in my new role.

I met Katie and Dee, who mentioned they’ve been following my blog and, I admit, I felt like a bit of a celebrity for a moment. But then reality sank in. It’s not about me, but the role I occupy, being at the helm of an organization so many Manitobans feel so connected to and proud of.

I left SHEday feeling humbled.  It left me thinking about what Winnipeg Harvest can do for the many single-parent households we serve, how we need to ensure we’re committed to helping these women and their children find their vision and their voice to know there is more out there for them than poverty and hunger. We need to continue to be intentional in the pursuit of fighting hunger and feeding hope.

– Keren