Jan. 22 – Advocate



This week was once again filled with a variety of activities, but perhaps the most impactful moment was experiencing Winnipeg Harvest’s role as an advocate for the communities we serve.

I had the privilege to speak at Keeping the Lights On, a town hall meeting held to discuss electricity rates and consumer access to affordable energy in Manitoba. This was an impressive event with expert panellists speaking about the threat that vulnerable communities face when fixed costs such as electricity are increased. Hearing both panellists and attendees speak at the event was an important reminder that Winnipeg Harvest needs to continue to do all it can to lift up the voices of our community.

This week our building also hosted a number of student groups, including the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine and grade five students from Louis Riel School Division. Though they may be in very different stages of life, the lessons were the same—learning more about the people we serve, the importance of healthy eating, showing compassion to all no matter their circumstances, and how to be advocates for the vulnerable.

I also had the pleasure of meeting two advocates for Winnipeg Harvest: Atticus McIlraith and Mike Hameluck. Atticus is an exceptional young man who has worked incredibly hard to ensure no infants go without baby formula. In five short years, he has raised $70,000 in baby formula, cash, and other donations on behalf of Winnipeg Harvest. Mike is part of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Alumni Association and another individual committed to helping our community by gathering food for those in need.

The more days go by, the more incredible people I get to meet. Each time a new team member, volunteer, client, advocate, donor or supporter joins our mission to fight hunger and feed hope; we get a little bit closer to accomplishing it.

– Keren