Jan. 15 – The Spice Of Life


The Spice of Life

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour”. – William Cowper

Being born to Jamaican parents, there are two qualities I came to expect from our food—variety and
flavour. My second week at Winnipeg Harvest has been filled with exactly those same qualities.

The complexity of the work we do at Harvest and my role to lead and speak to that work came to life in
week two with no shortage in variety. I met with managers and key donors and welcomed the College of
Medicine students as they learned about the link between food security and public health. I spoke on
the radio about grocery gift card donations and recorded an onsite TV clip about the First Steps program
and the ever-present need for baby formula in our communities. I spoke with volunteers from The North
West Company’s community engagement team while they sorted onions and discussed the Sharing
Surplus Program with agency leaders before meeting with advocacy groups and our board of directors.

These activities embody the nature of what I’m called upon to do on a daily basis. It reminds of my
father’s excellent cooking—well-seasoned and with a wide range of ingredients.

With week two behind me I am even more enthusiastic about my new role. I am inspired to do my very
best work every day alongside the Winnipeg Harvest team members. I am grateful for my new role and
feel the huge responsibility that comes with it to honour those who came before me and enhance what
we do for those we serve. I can’t wait to see what week three has in store for me.

– Keren