Manitobans are some of the most generous people on earth. That’s why, we want to share with you the real impact your gift can make on the lives of children, families and neighbours across Manitoba.

1:  Feed 70,000+ hungry Manitobans every month

We continue to see great need in our communities, and the number of hungry Manitobans keeps rising. More than 70,000 people access food from our network of 300 food banks and other agencies across Manitoba every month. Many families on fixed or low incomes need to choose between eating and paying rent, and food prices are expected to increase 4-6% in 2020.

Be a Harvest Hero. Your gift will help provide 1 million lbs. of emergency food every month.

2: Prevent child hunger 

Manitoba has one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada. Every month, more than 25,000 kids access food from food banks, daycare and school food programs. – and 43.4% of our food bank users are children. Without proper nutrition, kids have trouble learning, fall behind in school and often get sick.

Be a Harvest Hero. Your gift will help ensure hungry kids are fed and fueled for learning.

3: Lift people out of poverty

Food banks are often the first point of contact for a person in need. People come for food, but your gift ensures we can provide so much more. Certified skills training programs help clients find jobs, lead to meaningful employment, and help break the cycle of hunger and poverty. Our Warehouse Training Program helps participants develop abilities in shipping and receiving, safe operation of warehouse equipment, product quality control, inventory maintenance and order pickup. We also offer a kitchen training program. Our courses have an 81% completion rate, with many graduates finding employment soon after.

Be a Harvest Hero. Help train people and change lives. Give as much as you can. It takes $1,200 to train one student.

4: Support awareness and community outreach.

Harvest also provides several client support services such as a tax return program to help maximize refunds for those who need it most. We offer public tours and public presentations and school programs to help educate people about the challenges of hunger and poverty.

Be a Harvest Hero. Your donation helps us advocate and engage others in preventing hunger and poverty in Manitoba.


Your gifts of food and time are also very welcome. 

Very simply, we cannot do what we do without donations of food, time and money.

Donate Food – We accept both non-perishable food items and fresh food items, including fruits, vegetables, canned goods, dry goods and frozen items. Please review our top ten items –FoodDrive-Top10 and contact us to make arrangements to drop off your food.

Donate time – If you or your office team would like to volunteer, please send an email to  saying “I want to volunteer.” We’ll take it from there, and be right back in touch with you.

Thank you so much for helping fight hunger and feed hope.

– The CREW at Winnipeg Harvest