All food donations can be dropped off at 1085 Winnipeg Avenue, warehouse door #3 between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday, and Saturday 9am-3pm.

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For those who love to garden, Grow-A-Row is an ideal way to share food with hungry neighbours. All produce including fruit is welcome but root vegetables are preferred because they can be stored for longer periods of time.

In a normal month, Winnipeg Harvest distributes food to 70,000 people including children, families and at-risk adults. We have experienced a increase in food demand of 30%, and so we depend on food donations from retailers, producers and farmers like you.

Planning to Grow-A-Row for Winnipeg Harvest? 

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We will send you information so you can get started right away! If you have any questions please email our Community Events Manager, Mika Peterson.

At home and work:

  • Grow an extra row (or two) of produce in your own backyard
  • Invite your neighbours, family and associates to do the same (why not encourage a friendly “weigh-in” challenge?)

At school

  • Turn Grow-A-Row into a science project and have students plant and tend to a row of vegetables for Winnipeg Harvest
  • A Harvest volunteer can come to your class and give a presentation on growing-a-row
  • Come harvest season, bring students to Winnipeg Harvest to deliver their crop. They’ll get an on-site tour and a chance to sort food

At the Community Club:

  • Plant a garden to be tended by club families
  • Come harvest season, organize a communal Harvest Day full of activities including a visit to Winnipeg Harvest

Green thumbs:
If you are a seasoned gardener, consider mentoring others at your local school, community club, daycare or place of worship so others might be inspired to Grow-A-Row for those in need.

Grow-A-Row blossomed in 1986 when Winnipeg residents Ron and Eunice O’Donovan produced more potatoes in their backyard garden than they could consume. Their vegetables were so well received by Winnipeg Harvest; the O’Donovans encouraged friends and neighbours to also donate surplus produce. Since then, Grow-A-Row has yielded millions of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables.

A Guide to Growing
Grass to Garden Guide