Let’s Create a Food Secure Manitoba 

POVERTY PLEDGE 2018 was March 5 – 9. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for announcements of the next Poverty Pledge.


The Poverty Pledge is a social justice initiative that simulates the realities of living in poverty.


Winnipeg Harvest has been organizing the Poverty Pledge since 2002, with many variations in order to reflect the realities of poverty in Manitoba in any given year.
Many people living in poverty are unable to feed themselves. After paying for housing, transportation, water and electricity, the money that’s left over—if any—is often not enough to eat a healthy balanced diet. This pledge is designed to simulate the experience of many people who face hunger and poverty on a daily basis.


The Poverty Pledge is meant to encourage participants to experience what it is like to live without a basic need.
In this toolkit, you will find a simulated week that will open your eyes to the realities of those living in poverty, with each day being a separate occurrence.
As you experience each occurrence, you are encouraged to use #povertypledge and post your experience on your social media platforms.


A single person living on Employment and Income Assistance (E.I.A), often called ‘welfare’ only receives $195.00 a month to purchase all of their basic needs. Over thirty days that means a person living on E.I.A. only has $6.50 a day to spend on basic needs such as food, clothing and transportation.
Is this enough money to have all your basic needs met?

The $6.50 per day is to be used for all your food, entertainment and personal items. Personal care and hygiene products are to be included as part of the allotment and includes toilet paper, soap, all hair care, and shaving products.

Your allotment is $6.50 per day per person; this equates to $32.50 for five days.

To participate, please contact our Youth Programs Associate by:

phone: (204) 982-3663 ext. 664
email: youthprograms@winnipegharvest.org