2020 May – Thank you, Manitoba. You are true Harvest Heroes!

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Dear Harvest Friends,

You are our silver lining. Even though COVID-19 has taken so much from us, we came together as one province to feed hungry Manitobans. Our Harvest community of heroes grew this month by leaps and bounds with donations of food, time and money. There were so many extraordinary acts of kindness that our hearts are bursting with admiration.

In this issue, we want to provide you with a brief update on our collective efforts, and celebrate the impact that has been made toward our goal of ensuring no Manitoban goes hungry during this crisis and beyond. Read more…

Operations Update

As our province responds to this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, our provincial food network remains open to serve you and anyone else who needs emergency food support.

In March, we projected a 30% increase in emergency food support based on call volumes to our Emergency Food Line.  This has now been confirmed.   We served 4,700 new clients, 27% more adults and 28% more children.  A phone poll with our provincial network also revealed that we are seeing an increased need for food support from existing clients as well.  We distributed more food than any other month in our 35-year history. READ MORE…