Tax receipt policy for food, supplies, and service donations
Winnipeg Harvest is fortunate to receive many “in kind” donations each year.   It is our desire to follow all proper procedures when issuing tax receipts.  We abide by the following policy:

We respect the right of any donor to request a tax receipt.  If a tax receipt is requested for donated goods or services, Winnipeg Harvest will purchase the merchandise (at fair market value) from the individual or company by paying an invoice issued by the donor.  The donor then has the option of either of the following:

  • Sending a cash/cheque donation equalling the value of the invoice with the invoice. Winnipeg Harvest will then send our invoice payment and a tax receipt to you.


  • Coming to Winnipeg Harvest and endorsing our payment cheque back to us as a cash donation and receiving a tax receipt.

Please note that the tax receipt must go to the individual or company who issues the invoice. Revenue Canada does not allow third-party involvement in this process.

Winnipeg Harvest appreciates the tremendous support that we receive from the community each year.  We could not hope to meet the need within our community without the support of our many donors.
Winnipeg Harvest has trained staff to assist you with your tax receipt.

For more information, please call the Assistant Director of Development at (204)-982-3666.