You can make a difference…

Making a financial commitment to Winnipeg Harvest allows you to make a lasting difference in the nearly 64,000 Manitobans who rely on Winnipeg Harvest each month.

There are many factors to consider when deciding to make a planned gift and we would be pleased to work with you and your advisor to design a gift that suits your individual circumstances.

Some donors wish to see how their gift is used. Others want to avoid probate fees or potential estate problems, so they donate during their life. Others prefer to make a bequest because this lets them maintain full control of their assets throughout their lifetime.

Many people are unaware that making a gift in their will or estate plan may have tax benefits as well.

Whatever route you choose, it is important to plan carefully and consider all aspects of your personal financial plan. Your financial advisor can provide
information on tax benefits and can offer some creative ideas about how to leave gifts that meet all of your personal and charitable objectives.

Planned Gifts are investments in a healthier, happier tomorrow for the people we serve.

Your Planned Gift

  • Prepare a will. Without a will you lose control over your property at death.
  • Leave a gift in your will for Winnipeg Harvest. Imagine how the community would benefit if everyone made a gift from their estate.
  • Leave a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the assets in your will to Winnipeg Harvest.
  • Consider using assets for your charitable gift. These include but are not limited to cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, term deposits, real estate, vehicles, art, jewellery, or even insurance. Such gifts may even provide tax savings.
  • Name Winnipeg Harvest as a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF, or pension.
  • Name Winnipeg Harvest as the beneficiary of an existing or paid up life insurance policy.
  • Purchase a new life insurance policy naming Winnipeg Harvest as the beneficiary.
  • Encourage family and friends to leave gifts to Winnipeg Harvest in their wills.

Gift Giving Strategies and Your Taxes

There are many tax advantage opportunities available to you when it comes to making your charitable gifts. When it is time to plan your giving strategies, we encourage you to consult a financial advisor, such as a Certified General Accountant. They have the education and experience required to help obtain the
maximum benefits for both you and our food distribution and training centre.

Some options to consider:

  • Outright Gifts
    A gift that starts working the day you make it, is an “outright gift”. Winnipeg Harvest will use your gift for our immediate needs, or, if you prefer, as an endowment that provides ongoing support. You may give cash or securities, real estate, artwork, or other tangible property.
  • Wills and Bequests
    The accumulated wealth of a lifetime – you can’t take it with you, but you can determine what becomes of it, and a bequest to Winnipeg Harvest will leave a lasting legacy in your name. As you make or revise your Will, let us show you how a bequest can be shaped to fulfill your philanthropic
    goals in a way that fits your estate planning objectives.
  • Gifts of Insurance
    To make a significant future gift to Winnipeg Harvest for a minimal present cost, consider Life Insurance. You can name the food bank as a beneficiary of your policy you own now or give the policy itself. You may also start a new policy in the food bank’s name.

For more information on planned giving, please call the Managing Director at 982-3666.