In 2017, 11.3 million pounds of surplus food was harvested from food manufacturers and distributors, farmers and gardeners, and through food drives, special events and individual donations. Winnipeg Harvest sorts and redistributes this food to nearly 64,000 Manitobans each month, who would otherwise go hungry.

How you or your company can help:

Donate your food that is gently damaged or near expiry but still consumable and wholesome. This can be in either frozen, fresh, packaged, or bulk form.

Winnipeg Harvest will accept:

  • incorrectly labelled cans or packages
  • bruised, but undamaged cans
  • off-recipe products that are still wholesome and nutritious
  • underweight packages
  • products that are close-coded but are still consumable
  • seasonal products that have not been sold
  • products returned by retailers that are still wholesome and consumable
  • outright donations of food items

The benefits of donating to Winnipeg Harvest:

  • protection under the Food Donations Act
  • potential tax receipt for your donation
  • reduced shipping and tipping costs
  • increased warehouse space
  • enhanced corporate pride
  • environmentally friendly alternatives to disposal at the landfill
  • helping people eat who would otherwise go hungry

Services provided by Winnipeg Harvest:

  • transportation to pick up corporate donations as needed
  • sorting and re-packing the product as needed
  • trimming the produce as needed

Please contact the Winnipeg Harvest Warehouse for pick-ups, by:

phone: (204) 982-3676