Every child deserves a chance to learn, tie their shoes, read and play – without focusing on grumbling stomachs and thoughts of when they will eat again.  Help us give them that chance.

We provide 1 million pounds of emergency, supplemental food and grocery items to 70,000 people every month including 25,000 kids through food banks and agencies across Manitoba. We also provide direct support to children and mothers by providing specialty items like milk, formula and baby food; and by healthy weekday and/or weekend meal and snack programs for schools and day cares.

Who We Serve  (March 2019):

  • 69,264 people served each month:
    • 52,000 unique individuals access a food bank each month, 43.4% children
    • 17,264 unique individuals (mostly students) receive food through meal snack programs each month
  • Plus,
    • 10,811 served at soup kitchen supported by Harvest each month
    • 2,687 children served in day cares supported by Harvest each month
    • 792 students served through Breakfast2Go at Mulvey, Pinkam and Victor HL Wyatt Schools during the school year.

How can you help?

The United Nations has set a goal for all countries to work towards zero hunger, good health and well-being for all children. Here at home, Manitoba has the second highest food insecure rate in Canada. Your donation will help us fight hunger and reduce symptoms of chronic under-nutrition for at-risk kids while helping to improve their learning, development and growth.

Donate Now.

Your donation will prevent hunger and support healthy living for kids. Research shows children who lack proper nutrition are sick more often, require more hospitalizations, and are at risk in three critical areas:  an ability to learn as much, as fast or as well resulting in lower educational achievement; early development of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease; and reduced mental and psycho-social well-being.