Plastic Bag Recycling

Every year, Winnipeg Harvest goes through approximately 1 million plastic bags.Bagitforward3 In response to that, Bag it Forward was created to give Manitobans more options on how they can reduce, reuse and recycle the plastic bags already in their homes. This program encourages consumers all over Manitoba to drop off their gently-used plastic bags at Winnipeg Harvest or their local food bank so they can be reused to create food kits.

Backgrounder on MMSM and Bag It Forward:

Does your organization want to help the environment AND help hungry Manitobans in need? If you would like to participate in the program, come pick up a Bag It Forward bin and start collecting plastic bags for Winnipeg Harvest.

To arrange bin pick-up, please contact the Director of Building Operations by:

phone: (204) 982-3663 ext. 661

Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba has a list of ALL locations in Manitoba that accept plastic bags for recycling here: