In a crisis, food must be part of the response plan. Your gift will ensure no one goes hungry during this next critical phase.

The province is starting to re-open, but the ripple effects of this pandemic will be felt for some time. Thousands of neighbours are jobless, struggling to feed themselves and their kids. Thousands of older adults on fixed incomes whose expenses just went up, are now struggling to eat. We are doubling our efforts to feed them through our network of 350+ food banks and agencies across Manitoba.

You can be a Harvest Star!

Immediate relief and the cure for food shortages will come from Harvest Heroes like you. People who can turn heroic will into heroic action. This is community-building at the personal level, and if ‘community’ is one of your values, then donating and becoming a Harvest Star will be an easy decision.

You can reach out from home – and make a life-changing difference with a donation today that will prevent hunger for one of your neighbours. You can say yes to single moms like Jane. “I needed to feed my three-year old son. Thank you for helping families like mine get through this crisis.” You can say yes to neighbours like Jim who lost his job. “My wife and I were already living cheque to cheque, struggling to make ends meet, but you helped me.”

Be a Harvest Star today. We need you. Your community needs you!

Please make a cash donation of any size today.Your donation is 100% tax receiptable. This is the most flexible option. We can use your gift where it’s needed most today, and as things change tomorrow.

* Your gift of $35 will buy 14 lbs of food for a child or at-risk adult. A monthly gift of $35 will feed them for 3 months!
* Your gift of $350 will feed a family of four for 2 months.

Together, we can nourish our community, and our sense of community – and we will all harvest the benefits! Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Harvest CREW

Donation Methods:
E-Transfer to:
Online via CC: online
Phone: (204) 982-3581 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

PS We are actively recruiting younger, healthy individuals, unable to go to university or work, to help keep our warehouse open and food flowing. Be part of one of the most important action groups in the province. If you can help, please fill out an application.