Help feed our neighbours!

As we nourish our community, we nourish our sense of community.

Harvest is the principal distributor of food to more than 300 food banks and partner organizations across Manitoba.  In a normal month, we feed 70,000 people including 25,000 kids.

Since the COVID-19 crisis struck Manitoba, there has been a spike in the number of people who need our help. Schools and daycares are closed ending access to weekday meals for hungry kids. Stores, restaurants and other workplaces are limiting hours or closing their doors. Many Manitobans are facing lost jobs and wages, causing incredible stress for families already living cheque to cheque.

Coping with this pandemic is the greatest challenge we have ever faced.  We need to come together as a community and get through this upheaval.

Here’s how you can help most right now!

Make a cash donation of any size.  This is the most flexible option. We can use your gift where it’s needed most today, and as things change tomorrow.

Experts across the country are encouraging us to have a 14-day supply of food—enough to last the quarantine period if needed. Our neighbors struggling with hunger don’t know where their next meal will come from, let alone a two-week supply of food to feed their families.

  • Your gift of $25 will buy 10 lbs of food for a child or at-risk adult.
  • Your gift of $60 will buy one large hamper for a family of four.
  •  Your gift of $250 will feed 4 families, one large hamper each.

Please, donate now and give whatever you can afford as a person, a family or corporation.  And if you are able, please share this email with your family, friends and co-workers so they can help too.

Thanks in advance for your support in this time of exceptional need.  People like you have helped nourish our community, and our sense of community, and together, we have harvested the benefits.

Harvest CREW

PS We are actively recruiting younger, healthy individuals, unable to go to university or work, to help keep our warehouse open and food flowing. Be part of one of the most important action groups in the province. If you can help, please fill out an application.