Canada’s Food Guide


Eat well. Live well.

Canada's food guide

As a Food Distribution and Training Facility, Winnipeg Harvest strives to provide nutritious food to individuals and families across the province. After much anticipation, we are encouraged to see that the new Canada’s food guide recognizes the truly diverse demographics across our county, and reflects this with a new wide-range of versatile and cultural food options. We see these changes as positive growth, and appreciate the emphasis not only on nutrition but on quality of life, sharing and eating meals with others. 

While we support the new guidelines and its efforts to be more inclusive, we also recognize that the high cost of food can make meeting these guidelines challenging for many living within restrictive budgets across our province.  At Harvest, we endeavor to provide more whole grain foods, vegetables, fruit and protein filled foods to those we serve and, thanks to the generosity of our kind donors, we are given the ability to enhance the experience by introducing these diverse and exotic foods as well.