Atticus McIlraith Raises $30,305 To Help Feed Hungry Babies


Atticus McIlraith Raises $30,305 To Help Feed Hungry Babies

WINNIPEG – Atticus McIlraith set a goal and in the end, he had his best year ever.

McIlraith 14, today presented Winnipeg Harvest with $30,305 worth of cash donations, baby formula and coupons as his 2017 Atticus McIlraith Baby Formula Drive, in support of Winnipeg Harvest’s First Steps Feeding Hungry Babies Program came to a successful close.

On a monthly basis, Winnipeg Harvest provides emergency baby formula to on average 1600 babies under the age of one.  As a result, Winnipeg Harvest has an annual cash operating cost of $200,000 designated solely for the purchase of formula and baby needs.

“Baby formula is the only item Winnipeg Harvest has to purchase because it is so expensive people don’t donate it. I never went hungry as a baby and no baby should ever go hungry. Being able to help the community is important to me and when I heard the need five years ago, I knew I had to help”, said McIlraith.

Since 2013, McIlraith has raised just over $70,000 to help babies in Manitoba.

McIlraith’s efforts in the community have not gone unnoticed. He was the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy (Under 15) Award this past November.

He has also received donations from a variety of sources including elementary schools, local businesses, Kinsmen Bingo and of course the generous people of Winnipeg.

“Atticus is an incredible example of the spirit of Winnipeg Harvest,” says Keren Taylor-Hughes, CEO of Winnipeg Harvest. I see Atticus as a leader. He saw a need in his community and took it upon himself to make a difference by rallying people and businesses to fill that need with a simple but powerful statement—‘no child should go hungry.’”

Allan Asplin President of the Judy Lindsay Team Realty was one of those local businesses who contributed to the cause. The establishment made a cash donation of $1000.00 but also came up with a lucrative initiative for this year:

“At Judy Lindsay Team most of us have families and we work with hundreds of families every year. We can relate the challenges and joy that a new baby can bring. We feel that a new mother should not have to worry about feeding her baby and that’s why we have supported Atticus’s baby formula drive the past two years. This year we are very excited to be doing more. When anybody calls us and mentions they want to support Atticus’s baby formula drive we will be donating $500.00 when they buy or sell a home”.