Apr. 2 – Part of the Story


Part of the Story

A huge part of my role at Winnipeg Harvest is to be an ambassador to the world outside of our walls. I meet media personalities, donors, volunteers, business leaders, political advocates and so many different kinds of people on a given day and one thing almost all of these meetings have in common is that they’re usually focused on food banking.

Collecting and sharing food for those who need it is the primary goal of Winnipeg Harvest, of course, but a huge part of our goal to eliminate the need for food banks is finding solutions to the underlying factors of food insecurity and poverty. To address these factors, we have a number of programs in place that we’re incredibly proud of.

We offer opportunities for education including computer literacy, household budgeting, resume writing and other courses that break down barriers to employment many people face.

We also offer more in-depth courses with certification for safe food handling and warehouse experience. A great example of someone who’s benefited from these programs is Gerald.

You can hear a little bit about Gerald’s story here, but he came to Winnipeg Harvest for food and felt that he should volunteer his time back to repay what he’d been given. He volunteered in the warehouse for some time and eventually took the warehouse certification course. The next time a full-time opening in the warehouse opened up, Gerald applied and was hired on as a warehouse associate.

This is just one story of how our vision to not simply share food with people, but to also address the other factors surrounding that need have led to someone changing their life.  I see Gerald every morning when I come into work and he is always here early, greeting me with a smile.

Every person who walks through our doors, whether they’re a volunteer, team member or food bank client, has a story of how they got to where they are that day. Our hope at Winnipeg Harvest is that we can be part of those stories in a way that makes the ending of that day, month, or year a little bit better.

– Keren