An Opportunity For Everyone


Every day, around 200 people walk through the doors at Winnipeg Harvest to volunteer their time to help us fight hunger in Manitoba. These volunteers fill a wide array of roles around the building; sorting and packing food, driving trucks for pickups and deliveries and working at reception just to name a few.

The work that we do here simply could not be accomplished the way it is without the hundreds and hundreds of people who make time in their lives to help us this way and we’re incredibly grateful for this level of support from the community. Last year, the number of hours volunteered at Winnipeg Harvest totalled the equivalent to 80 full-time jobs.

We were so pleased to have Global News Winnipeg come by this week and highlight that no matter what your skill level or experience, there’s always an opportunity to help out at Winnipeg Harvest.

In particular, we’re in need of volunteer drivers to help ensure we can make the pickups and deliveries on time and that food banks are getting their food on time. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, visit our website for more.

Another area we were so pleased to see highlighted was our Harvest Garden. The Harvest Garden is situated on an 11,000 square foot lot behind our warehouse and consists of a mixture of 60 raised beds, more than 350 blue-box garden containers and a focus on recycling old materials to make new garden features.

Our garden provides food for our kitchen program, feeding the staff of volunteers in our building every day as well as food banks and meal programs in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba.