At Winnipeg Harvest, we believe:

  1. The right to food is a human right. It is guaranteed in United Nations treaties signed by Canada and Manitoba.
  2. Every person in Manitoba has the right to be food secure. They have the right to have physical and economic access to enough food to meet their needs. Lack of power to exercise that right is even more important than lack of money to those living with hunger and poverty.
  3. Hunger and poverty are health issues. If everyone had enough nutritious food, chronic diseases would decrease and life expectancy would increase.
  4. Society must act now to create a future with food security for all. We act with charity for those in need today, while seeking long-term justice for all Manitobans.
  5. Our food distribution system is based on a fair-share model that includes both donated and reclaimed food.
  6. Through poverty representation and training, our team can reduce the need for food banks.
  7. We do not receive operating funding from governments or the United Way.
  8. Reducing and eliminating the need for food banks is the best measure of our success.