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How do you picture the average food bank user? People from all walks of life depend on the food that Winnipeg Harvest shares for a variety of reasons. Some clients need us only once, while others are forced to turn to us for much longer periods.

‘The Faces of Winnipeg Harvest’ video debuted at the 2014 Empty Bowl Celebrity Auction. These six people are current or former Harvest clients and are all active volunteers. They share their stories in the hopes that more Manitobans will understand the who and why behind food bank use.


The announcement of our new CEO, Keren Taylor-Hughes

 All Manitobans are invited to be apart of feeding hunger in our communities

Day 2 of @Foodgrains teachers forum. Lots of learning and discussion on local & global #foodsecurity. Thanks to @WinnipegHarvest for hosting us and @will_bergmann & @RuralEnthusiast for the great discussions on ag & food security!


With #GivingTuesday coming up this month let's rally together and help feed a child breakfast on the weekends. Join me in donating to #Breakfast2Go @WinnipegHarvest #feedinghope #fightinghunger

Mackenzie from @MulveySchoolWSD has some important advice for all of us! @WinnipegHarvest @BreakfastCanada @WinnipegSD #liveonlocation #globalnewsmorning #globalwpg #wpg #mb

Staff and students @MulveySchoolWSD are already noticing the positive effect the #Breakfast2Go program is having on their school! @WinnipegHarvest @BreakfastCanada @WinnipegSD #liveonlocation #globalnewsmorning #globalwpg #wpg #mb

The #Breakfast2Go program is already making a big difference @MulveySchoolWSD thanks to @WinnipegHarvest @BreakfastCanada & @WinnipegSD #liveonlocation #globalnewsmorning #globalwpg #wpg #mb

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We’re #liveonlocation @WinnipegHarvest this AM learning all about the Breakfast2Go program and how it’s helping local students! #wpg #winnipeg #globalnewsmorning #globalwpg

Mulvey pilots new @WinnipegHarvest breakfast program
A new pilot program #Breakfast2Go was unveiled on Nov. 8 @MulveySchoolWSD.
The program will provide children nutritious breakfast on weekends to supplement meal programs already being run at schools.


"A question we get asked a lot by community members bringing in food donations is, “is it OK that some of this is passed its expiry date?”
And the simple answer is..."

CTV'S @StephTsicosCTV on how food passed its best-before date donated to Winnipeg Harvest can last a lot longer than most people think.

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