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Tools for School

Tools For School, Winnipeg Harvest’s annual school supply drive, takes place from July until September. With the help of our partners, Staples Business Depot and the Winnipeg Goldeyes, and an amazing group of dedicated volunteers, Winnipeg Harvest distributes basic school supplies to client families as students return to school. These supplies are an integral part of a child’s learning. Donations of supplies or money are greatly appreciated.

tools for school 11x17THE STORY OF ‘TOOLS FOR SCHOOL’

The school supply drive was started by the late Senator Ron Duhamel and his family almost 20 years ago because he saw that some children did not have the tools they needed for school and recognized that all kids need to be on an even playing field in order to succeed.

For low-income families, preparing youngsters to return to school in the fall is a budgeting nightmare if they are having trouble feeding their kids. There is a school supply allowance for people on welfare and includes: Ages 5-11-$60, Ages 12-13-$80 and Ages 14-17-$100. This is inadequate in regards to the amount it costs for one child’s set of supplies. It also doesn’t take into account the need for funding for extra-curricular activities, nor does it account for the need for a computer and Internet access so all children have equal access to educational resources on the Internet.

Winnipeg Harvest acknowledges that without the proper tools, children can find it difficult to complete the schoolwork that will shape their education and, in turn, the health of their community. The Tools For School initiative helps ensure that our school children receive the educational supplies they need to achieve success in the classroom and the world.


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Suggested Items for Donation include:

For more information, please contact Rebecca Trudeau, Youth Programs Associate, at or 204.982.3663 Ext. 664