Winnipeg Harvest

Project Meal Share

Every day, 14+ Winnipeg kitchens/restaurants freeze surplus food on site, mainly soups, stews and breads. Winnipeg Harvest then picks up the prepared food and delivers it to soup kitchens. This service is known as Project Meal Share.


In operation since 1992, Project Meal Share currently picks up food from institutional kitchens (hospitals, nursing homes, hotels) and transfers it to the major soup kitchens in Winnipeg.  Partners in Project Meal Share are the City of Winnipeg Environmental Health Services Division and the Health Sciences Centre, which is a major donor site. The program adheres to City of Winnipeg health and safety guidelines.

Call Winnipeg Harvest

In Winnipeg, call (204) 982-3663.
Outside Winnipeg, call toll-free 1-800-970-5559