Winnipeg Harvest

Kids Who Care

You can become a Winnipeg Harvest kid who cares! Collect tins of food at school, birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Christmas parties and other celebrations; donate time or money and you can become part of our team as a “Kid Who Cares”.

Youth under the age of 18 can become a Kid Who Cares by meeting the following criteria:

Age Pounds Donated Volunteer Hours Money Donated
0 – 5 yrs 5 lbs 5 hours $5.00
6 – 12 yrs 10 lbs 10 hours $10.00
13 – 15 yrs 20 lbs 20 hours $20.00
16 – 17 yrs 30 lbs 30 hours $30.00

Each April, Kids Who Care are invited to a special celebration at Winnipeg Harvest. Each child receives a specially designed pin and certificate to recognize their contribution.

Kids Who Care was set up by Ron and Eunice O’Donovan on April 1, 2001. It recognizes the many wonderful ways that local young people give to Harvest. Youth are an important part of the Winnipeg Harvest team!

Did you know…

Contact Rebecca Trudeau, Youth Programs Associate at 204.982.3663 ext.664 or and find out how to become a Kid Who Cares.