Winnipeg Harvest

Grow-A-Row Project


For those who love to garden, Grow-A-Row is an ideal way to share.  All produce is welcome, including fruit such as crabapples, although root crops are encouraged because they are best for storage. Winnipeg Harvest redistributes your produce to 60,000 people that need emergency food each month.

Grow-A-Row blossomed in 1986, when Winnipeg residents Ron and Eunice O’Donovan produced more potatoes in their backyard garden than they could consume. Their vegetables were so well received by Winnipeg Harvest, the O’Donovans encouraged friends and neighbours to also donate surplus produce. Since then, Grow-A-Row has yielded millions of pound of fresh fruit and vegetables. Here’s how you can help:

At home and work:

At school:

At the Community Club:


Green thumbs:
If you are a seasoned gardener, consider mentoring others at your local school, community club, daycare or place of worship so others might be inspired to Grow-A-Row for those in need.

Call Winnipeg Harvest at (204) 982-3663 to register for a warehouse tour or to book a speaker for your school.

Plant a seed, nourish a community.