Let’s Create a Food Secure Manitoba

POVERTY PLEDGE 2017 was March 6 – 10. Stay tuned on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for announcements of the next Poverty Pledge.


The Poverty Pledge is an activity that draws awareness to issues related to hunger and poverty. The goal of the Pledge is to develop empathy and social action among participants, who will in turn become advocates on behalf of Winnipeg Harvest.


Many people living with poverty are unable to feed themselves. After paying for housing, transportation, water and electricity bills, the money that’s left over, if any, is often not enough to eat a healthy balanced diet. This Pledge is designed to emulate the experience of many people who face hunger and poverty on a daily basis.


It’s recommended that you clear off a shelf in your cupboard and a space in your refrigerator at the beginning of the week. Participants are encouraged to invite their families to participate.


A single person living on employment and income assistance (EIA), or better known as welfare, is given an allowance of $3.96 a day. This allowance is in addition to a housing stipend.

The $3.96 per day is to be used for all your food, entertainment and personal items. Personal care and hygiene products are to be included as part of the allotment and includes toilet paper, soap, all hair care, and shaving products.

Your allotment is $3.96 per day per person; this equates to $19.80 for five days.

To participate, please contact our Youth Programs Associate by:

phone: (204) 982-3663 ext. 664
email: email hidden; JavaScript is required