Apr. 20 – Volunteer Appreciation Week


Volunteer Appreciation Week “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” — Unknown This week is National Volunteer Week in Canada, and we at Winnipeg Harvest are proud of our Volunteer… Keep Reading

Apr. 9 – Strength in Diversity


Strength in Diversity I recently had the opportunity to spend some time sharing ideas with several food bank leaders from Canada’s largest cities. This group, which includes Winnipeg Harvest, collects and distributes approximately 85% of all food to food banks across Canada. Meeting with these industry and community leaders is an excellent opportunity to share… Keep Reading

Jae-Lynn’s 8th Birthday Food Drive


Every birthday Jae-Lynn has had has been marked with a donation to Winnipeg Harvest and this year was no exception with 145 pounds of food collected. “I like caring for others,” Jae-Lynn told us, saying she hopes to continue to raise donations for Winnipeg Harvest in the years to come. Instead of gifts for her,… Keep Reading

Apr. 2 – Part of the Story


Part of the Story A huge part of my role at Winnipeg Harvest is to be an ambassador to the world outside of our walls. I meet media personalities, donors, volunteers, business leaders, political advocates and so many different kinds of people on a given day and one thing almost all of these meetings have… Keep Reading

Mar. 26 – A Model That Works For Us


A Model That Works For Us In the past few weeks, I’ve attended several meetings focused on food banks across Canada. It’s been fascinating hearing what variations of food bank models have seen success in different parts of the country—knowing how others have achieved success is always good information to have. I also learned a… Keep Reading

Mar. 19 – Food Banking


Food Banking I spent the past week in the warm climate of Houston, Texas. I was invited to the Food Bank Leadership Institute Conference held by the Global FoodBanking Network. Food bank leaders from 33 countries came together to share innovative approaches to hunger prevention and food sharing including Columbia, South Korea, Singapore, China, the… Keep Reading

Mar. 12 – From One To Many


From One, To Many March 8 was International Woman’s Day and I had the privilege of attending the ground-breaking unveiling of the new $10 bill. I was moved hearing the story of Viola Desmond, an icon of civil rights in Canada, who was jailed in 1946 for sitting in the “whites only” section of a… Keep Reading

Mar. 5 – Commitment


Commitment “A willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in,” — Cambridge English Dictionary This week we did something that hasn’t been done before at Winnipeg Harvest. To make the necessary changes, we relied on our entire team to work together in ways not typically defined in their job descriptions. We asked a lot of them and I’m… Keep Reading

Feb 26. – A Perfect Fit


A Perfect Fit I can barely believe it’s been eight weeks since I started as executive director at Winnipeg Harvest. Like so many of life’s great moments, it’s felt both like the blink of an eye and as though I’ve been here for years. On the personal side, it’s incredibly fulfilling to be part of… Keep Reading

Feb. 19 – It Only Takes A Spark


It Only Takes A Spark Watching the Winter Olympics this week, I’ve been a very proud Canadian. I watched three Canadians win medals and I was overcome with pride in my country and the people who represent us. It’s hard to say what brings that feeling on, but I call it a spark. This week… Keep Reading

Feb. 12 – When One Succeeds, We All Succeed


When One Succeeds, We All Succeed Even though I wasn’t in Manitoba for most of this week, I still found myself learning from the people that make up our Winnipeg Harvest community. I often meet with business leaders who support Winnipeg Harvest with donations of food, time or money. This week I met Todd Wiebe… Keep Reading

Feb. 5 – A Common Thread


A Common Thread I can’t believe my first month at Winnipeg Harvest has come and gone. I’ve discovered so much as I’ve begun to meet and get to know the thousands of volunteers and donors that cross our threshold. It’s truly floored me to realize the wide scope of people and organizations that have made… Keep Reading