Winnipeg Harvest is a not-for-profit, community-based organization committed to providing food to people who struggle to feed themselves and their families. We are also committed to maximizing public awareness of hunger while working toward long-term solutions to hunger and poverty. Founded in 1984, Winnipeg Harvest opened its doors July 1, 1985. Our immediate goal was, and continues to be, to feed hungry people.

Winnipeg Harvest is a founding member of Food Banks Canada and the Manitoba Association of Food Banks (MAFB). To further Winnipeg Harvest’s mission, we raise:


Donations are needed at our warehouse to continue to deliver our promise to share food with hungry people and their families.


Winnipeg Harvest provides volunteer opportunities to individuals as well as welcoming groups such as schools, faith communities and businesses that want to volunteer. Inspired by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, we are continuously working to reduce the need for food banks in our province.


For every $1 we receive, Winnipeg Harvest is able to pick up and deliver $20 worth of groceries. At Winnipeg Harvest, every loonie matters! You will receive a tax receipt for every donation of $20 or more.

Nearly 62,000 Manitobans receive food from food banks each month. Winnipeg Harvest moved more than 13.2 million pounds of food through our warehouse last year.

Winnipeg Harvest shares food through the Manitoba Association of Food Banks and through nearly 400 agencies (including soup kitchens, food banks and youth programs) to distribute surplus food to hungry families all over Manitoba.