Winnipeg Harvest

Who is eligible for food assistance?

At Winnipeg Harvest, anyone who needs emergency food simply has to ask. We share what we have. We only require that a potential client provide a Manitoba medical number to register for food assistance.
We provide emergency food help to 40,000+ people each month. Almost half are children. Some people access food directly for themselves and their families. We also supply food to soup kitchens, shelters, drop-in centres, schools and daycare snack programs.  Click here for our Code of Ethics.
The reasons people are hungry vary. Some are students struggling with loans and part time jobs. Some experience an unexpected illness in the family and loss of income as a result. Marriage break-ups often lead to less family income.  Many who struggle to make ends meet are working and struggle to make ends meet because of low wages. Many others are living on small disability cheques, social assistance or fixed pensions.
  • almost 54,000 people rely on Winnipeg Harvest for emergency food each month, a 21% increase over last year
  • More than half are children (51%)
  • over 1,600 infants (less than one year old) rely on Winnipeg Harvest assistance monthly
  • 12% have job income
  • 5% receive Federal Employment Insurance
  • 48% receive Social Assistance
  • 5% receive Provincial Disability Support
  • 1% receive Private Disability Plan income
  • 10% receive a Pension income
  • 3 % receive Student Loans/scholarships funding
  • 10% have no income
  • 6% report other income
  • 36% are single parent families
  • 26% are two-parent families
  • 15% are couples with no children
  • 23% are single people